Saturday, 31 March 2012

(Trying) SMASH*ing again!

Morning all, well its been a beautiful few days and today the weather is horrible! chilly and grey and the cows are laying down so looks like rain is on its way!! 

We had our 1st BBQ of the 'season' yesterday, we have some friends who are emigrating and so they came for dinner, was so lovely to see them before they go! We hope that one day we will have the money to go and visit them! Till then there is Facebook and Skype! 

Well the title of this post says it all.... once again I have tried SMASH*ing... Yes I have actually brought a smash book and done the 1st page! not 100% happy with it but... I have tried and I have plans for the next few pages, just waiting for the ink to arrive!! That will hopefully be here today! 

Not too bad, I wanted to try and 'use the page', but I don't think it quite worked! 
I fell in love with the digi from Saturated canary called 'Smashy Bob', she's a bit like me with the short hair!! 

A number of people have laughed at the comments I wrote around her! I can dream that one day I will have a waist that small can't I? 
The day that I did this page it sprung to mind as I wrote the date that hubby and I had been together 7 years 9 months! Time has flown by, it only feels like yesterday we met! The boy and girl thing... well I call him boy and he calls me girl! Yes I know were MAD, but someone has to be! 

Oh... the interesting part! LOL.... All my money goes on crafting, although I never have much as i'm a Stay At home Mum! But all I need is LOVE from my family! 

Ok so I now feel better that I have publicised this page (NOT!), I'm hopeful that the next few pages will turn out better!! I do have some plans... that I think will work! 
Thanks for stopping by, hope you will pop back soon


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Casper said...

Hiya Trina Hunny,

These are fab pages and do you know what makes them FABULOUS?

You,you are sharing a part of you and you are being artistic and open in your creations.
With Smash Booking you are in control,there are no rules,no right and no wrong way to do it!
It is what you want to do and you will always feel you can do better we all do that to ourselves.I think your pages are great and fun too!

You have started and the freedom to design will flow freely don't beat yourself up,do what you want and feel you want to do.

I can't wait to see your next pages hunny!
I love your style and fun,it shows through in these pages.

Take care
Big Hugs

09 10