Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Not too Shabby....

So its been longer than I planned this post, life has once again got in the way of taking time to be here - however I am taking a moment to be here now... so its all on the up I suppose. 

The past week has been hectic, its all catching up, illness that has been with me for weeks, and I finally think we have found a way to get over it - although I have been told 'rest' well I sit all day so thats resting as I keep telling myself!!! 

Anyway I'm here to share with you a card and some crochet that has actually been completed in the past 24 hours!!! Miss A announced the fact it was her teachers Birthday tomorrow (wednesday) and she wanted to give her a card and gift... so I have come up with this.... 

I know photography skills not at their best but it shows what I have managed to make!!  

The card was created using my stash that has been away for far too long!!! 

Papers from Prima Tea-Thyme 6x6 pad, 
the image of the cute bear from one of the fantastic Lili of the Valley pads, 
the plain backing is from Paper Story!
Ribbon from many many moons ago!
Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch

The coasters have been hand made by me!!  Yes I can actually follow crochet tutorials now :)  Using the amazing Bella Coco you tube!!!  The tag has a very cheeky message of 'one for the coffee at school and three for the glasses of wine needed to recover' - I'm sure her teacher will see the funny side of it!!! 

I would really like to enter this into some challenges this week - they are as follows;

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and I do really appreciate any comments left 

See you again soon! 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Looking back...

Good Morning! 

well so far it looks like I'm doing good on this 'blogging' again - That could be the fact that I'm trying to distract myself from the fact Miss A and Miss N are back at school!! 

So Today I'm going to share with you some cards I made after my last blog post, now as I wasn't blogging I have no idea where the images are from or what colours I used, but I can tell you they are two of my favourite makes!!! 

Lets start with this beauty....

This was made for a very special customer, it was for her angel babies 18th birthday, I was honoured to be asked to create this for her, I spent a long time talking with her about what she wanted - the main thing was she had to have wings and jet black hair.

She was so pleased when I sent her the final photos of the card, and even happier when she received it.  Im going to have to look for this stamp later to colour it up again, it has given me some ideas!!! 

So onto the the next card - this one was a bit of a challenge - with not blogging and distracting myself with 101 other crafts this image became somewhat daunting - the hair, the butterflies.....

The customer had come across the image and asked for me to colour it, I have to say looking at it, its not my 'usual' colour combo on the papers eat however I think it works!  

Well Im hopeful to be back tomorrow with a new creation - and maybe, just maybe I may enter some challenges (if I can remember how) 

For now its time to get on with the house work and sort out the website!!! 

See ya!

Monday, 11 April 2016

The Butterfly in me

Good Morning! 

As promised today I'm back to show you some of what I have been doing with my time away from here!  I have learnt so many new techniques and I can't wait to share some of the with you.  

Today I have chosen to share with you my crochet - A skill I learnt late last August thanks to my mum - its something that I love sitting down at the end of a busy day and spending an hour making something!! I even take it on the school run at times! 

Its not been easy and there have been many disasters along the way - many times I have frogged it back, or once launched it across the room!! But I am slowly learning new techniques and ways to create what I have in my head.

Im still on the very basic stuff - but love that I can make something special in just a few days and those that I have given my creations too have always been pleased :) 

This one is has to be my favourite so far, the photo doesn't do this yarn justice - its skylecraft DK in sherbet - in real life it looks more blue than the picture!   Its from this pattern available from here

The finished blanket is approx 23 inches square and felt so soft and warm, I gifted it to a friend who has recently had a baby boy - the first thing she did was wrap him in in!!  

I do have it available from the website too!! ohhh yes I haven't told you!  Im moving away from all the platforms as they cost a small fortune, so we now have a  website that sells everything from our book folding patterns to finished books, as well as the paper cuts, templates and knitted and crochet items!  Would love it if you would check it out here!! 

This is the same pattern as the blanket above, but with some beautiful King Cole Comfort in Rhubarb  at first I wasn't too sure on it, but once it was finished I was head over heals for it! This one came up at about 22''x24''  

Again Photos just don't do it justice, but it is available now from the website here.

Well I think thats me done for today - Miss A and Miss N both have an inset day so were planning on getting our crafty on very very soon!! Don't forget to check out the website, we still have lots to add to it!! 

I shall be back tomorrow with more creations!!! 


Sunday, 10 April 2016

And where have I been.....

**A bit of a BORING post - but would love you to read and say Hi if you do :) **

That is the question I have been asked this evening... where have you been?!?!

Honestly - I'm not quite sure, Looking back though my posts, my last post as a proper 'blogger' (as I thought I was) was 05/01/12015.... thats OVER a year ago!!!  then I tried to get myself back into it on 30/09/2015 with no luck as I think I didn't want to come her and bore you - I suppose I blame the distraction of being self employed (for quite a while!) but finally taking it seriously - realising that I was the ONLY person that was going to get my own business up off the ground - and that I have - and for that I am pleased, I am happy!!!

I stood back from all Design Teams and moved on, that sounds bad... as I sit and look around at all the supplies I have to make cards around me - I have so many its untrue - then there are the supplies that have evolved since my post before last, papers for paper cutting, knives, blades, quilling papers, fabric and yarn to name what I can see! 

 I never ever saw myself doing anything other than cards before January 2015, thats where I was and thats what I did, however in the time away from my blog and the design teams, kids growing and life changing I can honestly say I have learnt new techniques, things that will help me in later life... like making tutu's.... OK no not them.... but the ability to crochet - Its something I have always wanted to learn but never had the patience - I remember watching my nan in awe - wishing I could only be so cleaver - and its only thanks to my mum that I have learnt and mastered (some) the technique - I'm no pro but I'm trying! I was too interested in colouring - however breaking away and folding books, cutting paper, curling paper and notting yarn as I have as I did made me realise that I was capable of more than what I was allowing myself to do and to show you!

So I suppose this is my way of saying I'm here... I'm coming back - with paper cuts, quilling, cards, crochet and just general butterfly ness..... I do hope if you have managed to read to the end you may pop me a 'Hi' so I know some of you are still out there - I shall be back soon (tomorrow I hope) with another post - with something creative!!! 


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