Saturday, 31 March 2012

SMASH*ing Pages 2 and 3

Morning, only me! 
Well I went to my SMASH* book and realised that or these pages I didn't need to print... I had done page two... so just needed to finish page three, well I planned it the other night and so it was quite easy! 

As page 2 was full of lines, I wrote more details about me and the family, Amelia went though a stage of separation anxiety and so I always told her that mummy will always be here, and I will always come back, I still tell her now and so I had to finish the page with that.. 

Ohhh look at the wash tape, I love it, I only ordered a couple of rolls and so i think I need to order some more now! 
Can think of so many uses for it!! The metal words were brought from e-bay ages ago and I just wanted to use them up!! 

Well thanks for stopping by! Hope to be back soon with more cards and SMASH* pages... Mark should get some ink today to fingers crossed! 


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Casper said...

Hiya Trina,

How are you?These pages are great and a lovely detail about you and your family.So special and personal to you! Great and love your Washi Tape too!

Big Hugs

Linda said...

Oh I absolutely love your pages.. Love the tape too.. Great job!!
Hugs, Linda

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