Saturday, 5 February 2011

post #100!!

Hello everyone, have been a bit distant the last couple of days, so much going on don't know where to start or stop for that matter! Oh well its just how I like my life! Busy!! Just looked at my blog and this is post #100! I was hoping to have something amazing to show you but unfortunately I don't.  Although I have been crafting, its lots of bits to show you next week! 

WOW 100 posts of me with pointless information about my life and a few cards! well from here on I hope to post more cards for you!  So I will sign out as we are taking Amelia to the local drama club pantomime and then we are off to see a friend who is a singer,  so looking forward to a night out with Mark! 

Will post later/tomorrow!

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Dawn said...

Wowsers 100 posts already!!! Have a nice night out!!!
Dawn xxx

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