Saturday, 19 February 2011

Amelia's Crafting Morning!

Morning all, well today I haven't been allowed to get near my craft table as my eldest daughter has taken over... she decided she wanted to do some stampy-stamping as she calls it!  So me being in the mood for anything for a peaceful life gave her the block with a stamp, gave her the ink and said 'have fun', while I tidy the kitchen.

This is her showing off her creation! 

How happy with herself is she??  She has now finished that one and has told me that I'm not allowed t show anyone till daddy gets home! Well she has just started raiding the stamps! I don't know what she wants to do now! Will show you more later! 

This is the first photo of her when she was about to stamp, she hast done a bad job of lining it all up!

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