Saturday, 28 January 2012

Stamp Out Theives

I have copied this from another blog, I can't believe this... Thanks Marilou, I hope you don't mind me posting this too! 

Do you love Saturated Canary images?

Then make sure you buy the real deal!!

Someone loves Krista Smith's images so much
that she has been attempting to COPY  
...and sell them!!

The purpose of my post tonight,
is to educate you so you'll know better.

Buying the real deal supports the artist.

Buying copies, only supports a thief and further copyright theft.

There is a so called "artist" who has been flat out, no shame, copying and selling images so similar to Krista's (even using the same names) that it's very apparent that they are a copy!
(and not always a good copy)

It would be so sad to see Krista shying away from this
because of just one person lack of shame!

Please make sure, when you buy, that you always buy from Krista!


It's time for those who disrespect copyright laws
to receive ZERO TOLERANCE!!

Thank you!


Marilou said...

I'm with you Trina!!

Anonymous said...

I support stamping out art theives. I have seen posts like this all over aboout this copying artist and her company. Has anyone thought about contacting her personally instead of using the interent to do so and trying to defame her company and reputation. This is called cyberbullying espicially when posts are circulating around and about blog land saying how they are going to hurt this artist and punch her out. Like I said I belive in stopping art thieves but has anyone thought there are 2 sides to every story. This supposed copying artist has been a licensed and published artist for years. These ragamuffins of hers have been around for years like over 20. Is everyone just assuming she is a new artist and copying because she just opened a digi store recently??? I am just trying to show there are two sides to every story and I think it would be nice to confront this other artist so we know the facts.

Marilou said...

Rosa, I believe you are connected to that woman and thereby an accomplice to her work. She has pirated before and been caught. You need to distact yourself from her before you get in trouble too. Stop!

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