Sunday, 8 April 2012

SMASH*ed House!

** EDIT - I started typing this post yesterday and only just finished it! LOL**

Afternoon! Well I said I would be back! Just listed a few bits on e-bay and then took the photos of my latest SMASH* page.  I was on a  roll yesterday, even planned the page after this... but then became distracted by Facebook! Oh I'm so easily distracted!  So yes the next page in my SMASH* book was the house, and I even added a few details! 

The pictures are not the best as I have played with them on a application on my phone, but I think they look good! Behind each photo is another photo... I thought I was rather cleaver as the one behind the front of the house is the back garden! behind the picture of the tree is our bed covered in clothes and hangers! and the bottom photo is of Pinewood Studios! I have done and then and now as it has all changed! 

We are so fortunate with where we live, not only do we have two beautiful parks that we can walk around but Nature reserves and Pinewood Studios, there is so much history here! I have been looking into the history around here as I like to know where I live plus just down the road is where my mum was born! 

Well I hope you like my page.... Thanks for stopping by, see you soon 


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