Sunday, 8 April 2012

Share It On Sunday

Me again! 

Well be doing little trips around blogland this morning and come across a new 'Share It On Sunday' over at the Sugar Nellie Blog.  Now I have always wanted to try something like this... you know a regular random sort of post and so I have decided to give it a try.  

The aim is to share our little likes apart from crafting, so it appears that Pintrest is the way forward, now its been a while since I was there so it was lovely to see what new images were on the block! 

I do like pintrest, when your not quite feeling inspired you can always find something there! Now my Share today is around my next page in my SMASH* book.  


Big or small, I love them all.  I would love to cuddle a real big cat just like this;

I pinned this image from here.  Doesn't that cat look so loving, like its been waiting for that hug for so long.  I would love to touch one, or just stand next to one, or see one in the wild.... I think they are so beautiful.  Over on my Pintrest I have a board for cats, you can see it here.  I have a few other albums and WILL make an effort to pin more as well as up-load some of my photos when the kids are back at school! 

Well I hope more of you will join in, will keep my eyes peeled... Cant wait to see more 'Share it on Sunday', and I will be back next week with another! 



Fiona said...

I do love cats too...imagine having this one wrapped around your!!


sugarnellie said...

Animals are the fav so far, but I will leave the cuddles to you, I get scratched enought with catching our rabbits, aint going to play with that fella, no matter how big a softy he looks!
Thanks for joining in and I hope to see a little bit more next Sunday, have a great easter.

Shazza said...

wow what a gorgeous pic, don't think i'd go that close though x

Debbi Glennie said...

oh yes, I'm a cat lover too - that one's a wee bit bigger than my Ziggy though lol

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