Saturday, 28 April 2012

Looking Back... Link Party

Morning all, well I have been having a browse around blogland this morning (in between telling the children off!), I'm feeling pretty inspired! I can't wait to get the pens out... mmmm that will be once the kids are in bed though, unless they suddenly decided that sitting with mummy for a while is a good idea! So anyway on my browse around I saw that Kellie over at Give A Girl A Blog  is have a 'Looking back to the Beginning' link party, rather strange as it was only a couple of days ago I looked back at some of my early posts! 

Link to the Past

So I have decided to join in! You can see the post I'm linking back to 

So would you like to join in? I have nabbed this from Kellies blog (Hope you don't mind!)

  • Go back WAY back to the first month you started blogging.  Take a look around.
  • LINK to the linky below to one of your post in your first month.  Doesn’t have to be your VERY first post, I thought this would give a little more freedom as often our first post don’t contain much, and you might want to link to something you made, wore, read, bought etc.
  • Why not post about it on your blog and take the badge I made up?
  • Keep coming back to check out the links added as I am sure this will be so much fun and getting to follow along with new blogs.

Hope to see some of you there! 

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