Tuesday, 10 April 2012

30 Page Smash #2 Favourite Animal

Evening, well been a busy day! Was planning on crafting but ended up sorting the conservatory out... we unpacked about 9 boxes, put 5 in the loft and now you can see my garden from my lounge! So happy with how it went, although I could have gone to bed at about 6pm! Anyway I have managed to do page 2 of the 30 page SMASH* challenge and Im quite impressed with myself! even if it is another double page! LOL

Yes some of you may have guessed after my little 'share it on sunday' post as I did drop the hint... Now if it had of said Insect it would have been all about butterflies! saying that mine may end in 31 pages as butterflies deserve a spot... or maybe thats the next book! Oh yes, I'm enjoying this SMASH*ing! 

I just fell in love with the paw prints and had to have them somewhere in the pages(s)! The printable note pad looking pages were from here.  I just had to use them, I added the detail in the corner from the set.

well OK so I'm a bit bias... Although I love big cats and small cats, the only small cat in my life is my smudge cat! 

Well I hope you like my page(s)! LOL, I hope to have lots to share tomorrow! 


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