Sunday, 22 April 2012

Share on Sunday


How are we all, well I have a poorly girl, she has been up most of the night, absolutely wiped and don't know where to start today! Well I'm here with my Share on Sunday. I have to say each week I look forward to this post even if its last a last blast round pint rest.

This week has been quite exciting for me as we have finally got the curtains up and the carpet down in what will be my little craft room.  Unfortunately it still has a way to go as the kids need to sleep in there for a few weeks while their room is done! But I still have lots of planning to do! So you can guess what I have been looking at on Pintrest this week....

Craft room. jenmorris  Craft room.  Craft room.

yes I have been looking at how I'm going to lay my craft room out! Im so excited, seen so many FAB storage ideas... oh and one or two that I think will have to get put on the walls for decorations!! I can't wait to get it finished now!

Well I can't wait to see what everyone else is Sharing on Sunday! Look forward to seeing you!



mixamatoasties said...

Looking round other people's craft spaces just makes me very jealous lol!

I should really organise the space that I do have better.

Hugs. Susan xx

Tammy Ortiz said...

I need to reo my craft room. I went to Ikea and they have a lot of ideas

Debbi Glennie said...

oh how exciting, would love a whole room for crafting - can't wait to see pics when it's done
am a bit late with my SOS this week, and I have candy on offer if you're interested

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