Saturday, 11 February 2012

Just the last week....

Evening all, well not been a good week, had Amelia at home with an ear and throat infection,  Mark has been off feeling ill too!!! Nancy is now gaining down with it and as for me... well not good but just have to carry on, no time to be ill!!! 

Just thought I would give you a bit of an up-date on the house and family... 

Ok 1st up we have the first snow of 2012, it was last saturday.... look at my fab tree! Oh how I love this beauty!!! It looks orange as we have a street light outside! 

i can't believe how much came down that night, The kids had a FAB time in the garden on Sunday, it was lovely seeing them play and Nancy... well she wasn't sure what to make of it all!!

Skipping to Wednesday, well other than every bone in my body feeling like it was disintegrating... mark and I went to choose the paint for the walls in the craft room! Well I went to choose it, he just came along to pay. I had spent Tuesday night going through the catalogue deciding what colours... this was one that didn't enter the equation!!!

yes OK so i want to mix two habits, chocolate and crafting (may have to have a lil fridge full of fudge in my craft room!) After 'drugging' myself up I felt better and was desperate to get at least the 1st coat on the walls!!! and so.... 

Thursday was another day, i felt better, still hurt and not much energy, but... yes you guessed, the second coat went on the walls! I can't wait now! 

It looks so yummy! Its a way of being finished, we need to get the re-wire finished before the boxes that are stored in there can go in the loft and I can plan the room better!! Im planning a trip to ikea in the next couple of weeks to get some 'small' bits (maybe the credit card should come to be on the safe side!)! 

Last one for tonight! 

Smudge cat! Yes she decided to come out with me in the last snow fall we had... just look at the face! 

Please let me in, Its cold!!! yes it was very cold!!! Anyway, I'm not feeling the ticket at all, need to sleep! but have to get up tomorrow as we are having lunch with GG! Sorry to bore you all! 

See you soon!!


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