Sunday, 19 February 2012


Ha ha, that word makes me laugh, I will never be organised! I try very very hard, but I kinda like a bit of mess, makes me feel at home! LOL.  Well I have been trying to organise bits and pieces in the house, but I'm constantly just moving things! And so I decided that I wanted to arrange my craft stuff a bit better.... I started by colouring a new topic chart.... 

I then organised the ribbons a bit more, I now have 12 jars, they are going to look so good on the walls.  They are just biscuit jars from Tesco, only £1.38 each, and they are quite big!! 

I then lost the plot and took my monkeys to McDonalds! That was FUN! Nancy sat in the windows waving at ever car that went past!! They both loved it! Even if Amelia does look like she is staring into space! 

While I was out i brought a 8ltr Really Useful storage box, I wanted to find a way to store my Copics but make them easier to see them when I used them!!! They fit in her nicely, its only a temporary thing till I get the craft room then I will look at more permeant storage for them.  I never take them out (other than the holiday in a couple of weeks!)

This was last night.... Mark had gone out for dinner and we had no sitters so I had an amazing meal with Amelia and then 'set up' for the night!!! It was a good night, Although after taking this photo I changed the image I was colouring!!! My pens work nicely in there for me, at the moment.I laughed as when I put them in there I said to Mark that maybe I should have brought a smaller box... he just told me that I need to buy more pens... don't mind if I do!!! 

Ok so here we have the end results.  I coloured the two purple ones last night, the blonde and brunette were coloured during the week1!! 

I will have to pop back later to add the colours as my book is in the play room and they doors playing up... Keep having to spray it wilt WD40!! and I can't stand the smell of it!! 

Well I hope you like my photos and hope to see you soon!



febe said...

Great idea to keep your stuff in order. You have awesome works by the way. Love them!

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Christian Store said...

Such cute kids. Love your crafts!

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