Thursday, 2 February 2012

Just A Bit About Me!

Evening... Me again, yes I'm on a posting mission, was going through my phone and I found these pictures that I would like to share with you! Ok as some of you know, I'm loving the app Instagram! Love Love Love it, I will find any reason to take pictures! 

First up we have my babies, Im so proud of them both! I can't believe that Amelia is nearly 5 now and at full time school! Where has time gone?! As for little Nancy, well she loves her sister when it suits her! everything with that one is on her terms! oh and she's not the most photogenic child! She always moves, or just pulls a funny face! She gets that from her dad! 

Ok here is what I got up to last night... I was so annoyed with my ribbon, I wasn't using them, I dreaded getting them out as I just knew it was a mission to get the one I wanted! and so the ribbon has gone from this.....

To this...

Now I'm not 100% happy, I needs another 4-5 jars to split them down more, oh and then another 2-3 for my buttons and then 6 for my flowers, but its a start and I feel happy with what I have achieved, I even used ribbon today!!! I can't wait to get the craft room done, it will look so nice with the shelves having all the jars on, oh and they were only £1.39 from TESCO! 

Ok onto something that got me very excited today! I was out in the garden doing as I do and I looked into the girls sand and water table, I couldn't believe what I saw, it looked so amazing, the sun was shining and there was solid ice, with stones and leaves as well as the sand shaper things and you guessed it... BUBBLES! 

I thought it just looked AMAZING! so funky and cool, so I just had to share these photos with you too, I can't wait to see what I can see on my travels tomorrow! 

Thanks fro stopping by and hope to see you soon! 



Anonymous said...

Goodness me mega marathon post! thehehheee took me ages to read it but WOW the pictures of your girlie's sand tray!! flipping heck! awesome, Love the picci of the girlie's too! and yummi ribbon!

Cheryl said...

oh Hun love your,ribbons,they look great and adore the photos of your girls they are so cute,hugs Cheyrlxxxx

Sandy said...

I have just have to comment on your girls - so precious - so precious and your little one - oh my gosh!
Thanks for sharing!

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