Saturday, 13 November 2010

Todays Makes

I have been a bit busy today! my youngest has had me up since 5 am as she is unwell, waiting to go to the doctors now, we have an appointment at 8:30pm.

Anyway, as there was nothing much on TV i decided I would watch a bit of create and craft, must say i wasn't really watching it, I was concentrating more on trying to make cards and make sure hubby didn't lay in too much. But i decided to e-mail in, i have done a few times before but never had a mail read out before! well this morning i did, and then i went on to win a card, cant wait to get it through! its so nice to have someone else's work to look at sometimes!

Well as I said i have been busy making. This one is made with an A5 card
blank and using a technique called faux silk.

All you need is tissue paper, a stamp and some inks. I have used what I believe is a wood-ware stamp set, just love the images, reminds me of my eldest!

To do this technique you need to stamp the images onto the tissue paper, if you plan on colouring ensure that you use a water proof ink pad. For this I used Archival black.

Once you have stamped the paper you can colour the image(s) in, I have used pro-markers to do this. Allow the pen ink to dry and the scrunch the paper up, then open, but don't remove too many creases.

Then go over the top with an ink-pad or sponge to enhance the creases, I did this one with a cats eye ink. It picks up on the scrunching.

Cut a piece of card stock to the size of the area you want covered with the paper, I then covered the area of card with tombo (any glue stick should do it) and stuck the tissue paper down. I found it easier to have the tissue paper larger than the area I wanted covering so i could leave the tissue paper down and stick the card over, so you don't loose to many creases.

And there you have a Faux Silk Background! I hope this all makes sense, this is my 1st time of posting instructions! if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

The other card i have made today is with a set of poppy stamps i have. I brought them at the beginning of the year and have never sat down and used them. When i found them in the draw it made me think about 11/11 and so i felt i had more of a reason to use them. Its nothing special, Its done on an odd size card, i stamped onto one card and cut it out. Very simple inking up with different colours and sponging the ink around for the sky and grass. I didn't know what sentiment to put on, so i decided 'just to say' as then it can just be a little note-let.

Ok so im out of here for today! Planning on christmas cards tomorrow! will post what i get done!

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