Monday, 29 November 2010

No Snow Yet!

Well as the title says we have no snow YET! if its gong to snow, well hurry up and do it! I wanted it to snow last night so Milly got a snow day! Tomorrow there is no school run to do so hope to have a full on crafting day!

Nancy has just started to stand put holding onto things so time is not on my side at the moment, here come the months of bumps and bruises! Also cut her 1st 2 teeth!

got a busy week ahead of me what with the normal school runs and ballet, i have 3 sales to attend as well. On Friday I will be at Amelia's Playgroup Christmas Bizarre, Friday night we have carols on the green and then Sunday we are at a Christmas event in Farnham Common! Plus baby shower to attend and a million other things i need to get done in between.

I have realised today that i have been concentrating on everyones orders, but have not made a single card for me! on that note, i best crack on and get to it!

Will post later!


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