Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cold and Foggy Morning

Morning all, well as the title says its a very cold and foggy morning here in the UK, by 11 last night the street lights were a blurred yellow, like something out of a horror movie. I have spent the morning colouring images to finish cards off this afternoon, think i'm going to have a session with my spellbinders, I haven't had them out for a while!

I became slightly distracted while in my kitchen, from the tree in our garden to the grass there was a long cobweb that had droplets falling from it. I decided to pop outside i became amazed by a spiders web we have outside by our porch, I couldn't resist getting the camera out and snapping some photos! I thought while i have a cup of tea i would share them with you. I was thinking that they may make good backgrounds for something at some point (or maybe in my scrapbook if i ever find the time to finish it)

Well i best get back to the 'jobs' in had (did i tell you im a butterfly!)

hope you have a lovely day! See you later!

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Priscilla said...

AMAZING pictures..thanks for sharing.

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