Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christening Card Found!

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a lovelycrafty weekend! I cant believe another weekend is over. Back to the school run, ballet run, washing, cleaning just being a general housewife/mummy.

Anyway, today I have done nothing much, other than swap all my general card stuff over with the christmas card stuff. We have a small house (one bed) and there is not room for 4 people plus toys for two children under 4 and my craft stuff, so i keep most of it in a small cupboard we have hence having to swap things over. I have to move 2 high chairs, one guitar amp, and a mound of other stuff to remotely find my stash!

While i was moving everything I came across this card I made before i had my youngest daughter, at the time of making it I was planning on using this idea as my invitations for her christening, but then i thought better of it, quite a bit of work went into this! Its a simple diamond fold card on one sheet of card stock, i will put the measurements on tomorrow. I have decoupages the forever friends bear and coloured it it. I did use i piece of pink bazzill stock for the blanket! I thought it was very nice and i'm so happy that i found it again!

As hubby is off out tonight i'm going to have a card making session with my mum, although not sure if i will get anything finished tonight! but hey ho thats the way it goes! Hope you all have a lovely evening

See you all soon

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tiggertastic said...

really enjoyed checking out your blog, your colouring is lovely hun and i really like this make, the style of card is fantastic

sarah xx

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