Saturday, 20 November 2010

Thursday and Frday

Hello everyone, sorry its been a couple of days since i posted last been very busy! On top of 2 sales, a card making evening with the brownies and stampin up night, i have a 7 month old who has just cut her 1st teeth! oh the joys of parenthood, I forgot all this from 1st time round!

On Thursday morning, I went to a local toddler group and sold some cards, met some lovely people who would like us to go to various groups they run and sell our cards there! On Thursday night we went to the local brownies and made some cards with them, the all loved it so much, they all made such beautiful cards. Friday was a quiet day until the evening when i went to tap and then onto stampin up club night. It was a lovely evening, we managed to make 4 christmas cards in just over an hour and a half! will post the pictures later.

Today has been a quiet day, as i said nancy has cut her 1st teeth, so today has been a grizzly kid day so will post all i have done later!

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