Friday, 18 March 2011

WOW an award and a little bye bye

Evening all, well so sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days been catching up with bits and bobs! Well first of all so none of you think I have gone missing, i'm going away for a couple of days and cant wait! need the break so much! I do have some posts scheduled I just hope they work as I wont have access while i'm away! I think when I get home i'm going to be strait on the computer rather than washing ect! Im going to miss you all! 

But on a good now a lovely lovely lovely friend of mine, no other but the wonderful Dawn over at Dawns Crafting has given me a beautiful award! 

Thanks so much Dawn! I will pop this one on the side bar in a bit! 

All  need to do is share this with 7 people, no more no less. so I would like to pass this award to;

Well I hope you all like the award!

OK this is me signing out for a little while! I hope that my posts work, If not, then I will post them as soon as Im home! 



Cheryl said...

oh trina hun bless you again for another award you are so kind to think of me I have not got this one and its,gorgeous so bless your heart,love hugs cheryl xxxx

Dawn said...

Enjoy the break Trina! We all need some downtime!!!
Dawn xxx

Linda w said...

Thanks for thinking of me for this award. Hope you have a great break. Hugs lin

Karen said...

Hope you have a great break and enjoy yourself....!!! Thanks SO much for the award. I'll go and put it on my blog now. :-)

Heather "Hev" said...

mwah :)

This has made my day :)

HUGS xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Trina..

Just to say you have a fabbie blog.

Enjoy your break!!!

Huggies Angel

LouDotMac said...

Oh Trina!! Thank you very much for thinking of me!

I'll get round to posting it on my blog ASAP! I've been soo behind!

Hope all is well with you missus! xo

Trina said...

Thanks so much! I hope you're enjoying your getaway! :D

Dawn said...

LOL our blogs have the same outfits on!!!
Not sure if you're still away! Did try to emnail you, hope you got it! Need you addy for Pay it forward!
Hope you had a fabby time!
Dawn xxx

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