Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wine + A Box of Dairy Milk (all bar 4) and Hope =

  • 70 finished wedding invitations
  • empty bottle of fermented grapes, no enjoying some time in my blood stream
  • a box of chocolates with four left in (the ones I (don't like) saved for my mum)

  • a card that i'm quite proud of

Had a pretty good day! The cat had to go in to the vet today to be sedated.  She is a Persian X and was matted so badly underneath.  She wont met anyone get to her under there and so today we decided that she would become the 'Designer Cat'.  When I sent her in this morning I (sarcastically) requested that she came out with a Mohican and  matching Ugg boots (it would't be the 1st time she has had the look, about a year ago she ended up with a nasty injury just after we had her 'seen to' and she went out and she did end up with a Mohican and Ugg boots!!) but she has come home feeling a bit more sorry for herself than normal!

Onto the good note though I'm catching up with lost time from last week.  After being ill and not crafting for a while it has been a bit wearied to 'share' my time again!   I have now completed my order of wedding invitations and my friends party invitations and have now started thinking about what I want to do!

Tonight I have consumed a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates and have created this...

mmm what do you think???

I coloured hope and then cut her our with the nesties then used a sponge and Sepia Archival ink to give an aged effect.  I then mounted her on a small doily. 

The butterfly border at the bottom in blue is from a pack that I purchased off e-bay last week, you cant see the shimmer, but they are stunning.  I believe its a Martha Stewart Punch! The roses are form e-bay, a bargain buy (Ok I got carried away and ordered load, a girl can never have too many flowers!) The Marianne butterfly is from the same person as the butterfly borders, again I think this is a Martha Stewart punch.  The pin on the top right is one that I have made my-self! 

Well I have to tell you all I am trying to sell some of my creations on e-bay, although I attend local village fetes ect I never get rid of enough and I find that people always want to give you less for something as they want something for nothing, I have a few bits listed at the moment, and hope that they will sell before I go on my holiday.  Its worth a try at the end of the day, I have nothing to loose! 

So this is 'Hope' up-close.  To colour her this time I have used pro-markers all the way! 
Oh i'm sure my babies think they are going to get a break next week.. well I have news for them they are coming with me! I think I will end up going insane of they don't share my holiday, also the laptop is coming too otherwise I think I will walk home just to check my blog! 

I have used Cornflower Blue, Denim Blue and Pastel Blue to colour her dress, Shale, Caramel, Sandstone and Cocoa to colour her hair, Azure for her eyes and Sun-kissed pink, Dusky Pink, Putty and Blush for her skin. 

This is  hope from the bottom! After my clear out I found the easel I purchased from Ikea ages ago, I forgot it was there! It makes life so easy to take pictures as i'm not trying to prop my card up all the time to get the right angle!
The Marianne  butterfly was originally white, but i went over it with a sponge and sepia Archival ink.  

Well I hope you like her! 

Let me know what you think if you have time!

I look forward to seeing what you have to say! 

im going to sing hi ho and go to bed! 




Karen said...

Oh wow! Just love the colouring on Hope and have been looking at it really closely to get some ideas from the shading. Thanks - she's gorgeous!

Nina said...

Hope is just goreous! love her, where is she from? and an whole bottle of wine, crafting and chocolate... lol... sounds like a good night! Just beautiful.

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