Thursday, 11 October 2012

Its all A Glow!

Evening! Goodness me what a wet and horrible day! And challenging - well for me! Im here to share with you my creation for day 4 of 13 days of Halloween over at Simply Challenged Challenges

Simply Challenged Challenges

So yet again I will say this has pushed me - I didn't know what to do! The theme for this one is 'All A Glow' - so it basically needs to have glow - if that be colouring or lighting!! 

I have never done anything that glows - well a candle and thats about it - and we all know that the first time I did that it went wrong!! So 'Outside the Box' moment and still nothing came! So after thinking and thinking and allowing my temper to 'glow' it came to me...

OK so it looks like nothing there! Its a polystyrene ring that I have covered with netting that then decorated the inside - I was originally inspired by the wonderful and very talented Trudie - please if you have a moment pop over and take a look! I LOVE her creations! 

OK so back to where we were! OK so yes the 13 days of Halloween and this time it needs to 'glow' - and glow she does! I have used the gorgeous Cracklin London from Simply B Stamps - I just love colouring her! 

Im not sure how well you will see but I did (try) colour her to look like the pot was glowing onto her! Not too bad for a first attempt!  Now for the GOOD Bit!!! 

See it glows in the dark!!! OK so I kind of cheered - I used a glow stick in a little bottle I had, I just cut the end of end emptied the insides into the bottle! OK so yes I know they have a 'limited working time frame' hence why I made sure I tied the bottle on so I can remove it and just put more in!  So you know exactly where this one is going 

I would love to know what you think! Its been so much fun doing this!! 

Hope to see you again soon!


Anda said...

That is very, VERY cool - I love it!!

Katya said...

That is really cool. The vial tops it off. TFS.

Corinne said...

Great job Katrina.. new you would come up with something great!
Thanks for joining us for our 13 Days of Halloween at SCC

Scrappy Scatty said...

what a great project
thank you for joining in with the 13 days of Halloween
Love Jan

Trudie said...

Love it Katrina....the glow on the witch is great. Beautiful colouring. Thank you for your comment as well, means a lot xxxx

Scrap Vamp said...

So fun!

09 10