Friday, 28 January 2011

My New hair!

Evening all, well I have not crafted a single bit today!  I have had some 'me' time and had my hair done.  i was bored of screwing my hair back in the morning to do the school run and feeling like a 'scruff'.  

So after a lot of thinking I went to the hairdressers today and had something I would consider to be quite drastic! bearing in mind my hair was thick, quite fine with a kink here and there! 

So what do you think?!?!


Dawn said...

Ooohhhh a new do! I love a trip to the hairdressers! Love the new look!
Dawn xxx

Linda w said...

Beautiful do. I so love long hair, and it looks great loose. Hugs lin

Heather "Hev" said...

looks lovely :)

Karen Howard said...

Love it!!! I've been growing out my hair so I'm able to get a perm.

09 10