Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Jigsaw With a Difference

OK So im in posting mode at the moment, trying to avoid housework like you would never believe! So i'm going to tell you about the amazing jigsaw puzzle I did over the christmas period (in between crating)!

For Christmas, my lovely neighbour brought me a lovely little jigsaw puzzle, when i opened the box, i was amazed by the pieces, there were the normal strait pieces and middle bits, but there was a little teddy bear, a mirror, a snowman to name but a few of the shaped pieces. I managed to finish the puzzle in about an hour, a few days later I was speaking with the lady who brought it for me and she offered to lend me hers, I said it would be lovely and she promptly gave it to me, well..... I got home and couldn't wait to get started on it, but we had other things to do.

That night Amelia woke up and would not go back to bed so at midnight I decided to start on this puzzle, what a mistake! 250 pieces, you cant assume which piece is an edge piece, there was a snowman, a sleigh, a dove, father Christmas and that was only a few of them! Milly sat there trying to help, but all i could get were 2-3 pieces together and then a became stuck. We stayed up till 2:30 trying to get this in some way started! Eventually we admitted defeat and went to bed, the following morning I couldn't help put sit and start putting more pieces together. It started to take shape, and 2 days later i finished it, and here it is....

Below are some of the pieces and you can see the shapes of some of them were amazing!

Im sorry if i have bored you with this post, but i wanted to show everyone the puzzle and im avoiding housework!!!



Linda w said...

How cute are those pieces, and what a lovely gift. Hugs lin

Cindy2 said...

I use Netflix to avoid housework, but puzzles work too. Congrats on getting it done. C2

Dawn said...

How sweet are those pieces!!! Used to love doing Jig saws!!!
Dawn xxx

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