Sunday, 9 January 2011

Butterflies, Needing Inspiration and A Sunday Morning Digital Shopping Spree

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! I'm starting to stress a bit, we have been so chilled over the holidays with the kids having late nights and a lovely lay in the next day, but tomorrow reality hits for us, Amelia goes back to school. I don't have to get her there till 10, but its hard with 2 to get up and fed and out the door! Plus my 1st card for the DT on Pear Tree Designs will be up tomorrow! i'm a cross between butterflies for excitement and butterflies for nerves!

Well we didn't have much of a lay in this morning, we were up at 8, but kids are fed and watered (till lunch), Amelia is watching a film and Nancy is meant to be asleep! I have been sat on computer trying to get inspiration for my mums birthday card, she is 50 next week and want to do something extra special! So if anyone can offer any ideas it would be much appreciated!

I have just been over at Mo's Digital pencil (OK so i had a bit of a spree), her images still amaze me! I love the Alice in Wonderland digi's she does! So I'm going to create something I can post here today, not quite sure what yet, but there will be something, before midnight! I'm hoping that my hubby may go out tonight, at least that way i can get on!!!

see you all later!!!

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LouDotMac said...

Hey! :) Thank you for the comment on my Digi card, I was pretty impressed myself for my first attempt! LOL.

I'm really excited about tomorrow, I'm going to spend some time today searching for challenges to enter my card into, that way it gets more attention and you recieve more comments. You should try it too.

As for your Mams b/day card. What are her fave colours? Does she like imagery or just text? Hope you manage to find some inspiration for it!!

Have a good day, Lou. xo

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