Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My lil bugs gone!!!

Evening all, well it has been a busy couple of days what with washing, cleaning ect, today spent the day at my mums, trying to catch up on crafty stuff!

I still have my mount board to do for my 1st class in March, only a couple of weeks to get it done, so far it has three cards on it, its an A1 mount board so needs a lot more work! Im lacking, got no inspiration the last couple of days.

Taking tomorrow off from crafting as Mark is home for the day (he is normally home on Fridays, not Thursdays), so going to spend some time with him. Were going to get Nancy her next car seat (she has grown too much) and do Tesco (Oh the joys)!

Well i'm going to go and browse everyones blogs for a while to try and find my lil bug thats missing!
(if you see my bug can you let me know! he is about 3'' tall, purple and has 2 antenna This photo was taken when he was having a bad day, a bit like today i suppose! )



Karen Howard said...

What a hoot, this is awesome! Love your bug. Hugs, Karen

Dawn said...

If only all bugs were like this one!!! lol
Dawn xxx

Katarina said...

I noticed the same thing about your name :D I'm 6 years older than you and I promise you will get better with time. A good thing I started thinking about is that even if I make a card I'm not very happy about I should see it as a way to improve myself. This way of thinking has helped me a lot in my perfectionism. I'm so happy you decided to be a follwer. I will have a celebration candy when I reach 200 so stay tuned. I have a lot to celebrate and will turn 31 in march so hopefully I will get my act together and get some yummy candy.

09 10