Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First day of new job

evening all, well today has been bizarre! the morning stated of frantic and the day has just disappeared!  12 hours ago I was nervous as you like about starting my new job... i'm now exhausted but still have so much to do.  I started my new job at 10am, I finished by 1, I did pretty well, well they want me back so I cant have done that bad!!! 

Done the ballet run and tea, put some washing away, its now time to wash up and cook hubby's tea, as well as a wash basket full of washing to do and i need a crating session and a good nights sleep. Well I don't think i will get to post anything else tonight... although stranger things have happened.  If not I will post tomorrow after the school run! 

see you all soon


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Dawn said...

Glad your first day went well!!! Long may it continue for you!!!
Dawn xxx

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