Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My New Crafting Friend

Afternoon all, This post is to introduce you to a new friend of mine, Mrs Toyota.  

She has been sat in the bottom of the airing cupboard for about three months, every time I have gone in there, she appears cosy but longing for attention! Today I allowed her to see the light of day! we did come across some issues such as how to not being able to find her foot or electricity cable, but we found them and then had a play! 

As you can see she has a few different stitches for me to play with and 
This is the card front I created using my new friend, its nothing too fancy, but not bad for a 1st attempt.  Now at some point in the next week i'm going to go and buy some new coloured cottons, just so I can play! How exciting!

This is my friend showing off holding the card front like she did it all!!! LOL 

Well as soon as I get the card front attached and finished I will post some 'serious' details for you 



LouDotMac said...

Woohoo!! Go you! :D
I love the look of that card - your sewing is sooo neat! I can't wait to see what else you create!!

P.S - I'm loving the font!!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, clever! I wish I had a Mrs Toyota too. Can't wait to see what elseyou do. x

JustYolie said...

Nice stitching...I need to do more sewing on my projects. :)

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