Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Copic Skin Tone with The Stamping Chef

Good Morning, hope your all well :) 

I'm here with you today with another tutorial for The Stamping Chef

Im here to share with you another colour combination I use when colouring my skin tones - I do hope you saw my last skin tone I did - If not you can find it further below! 

For this tone I have used Copics;

E000, E00, E02

And the gorgeous 'I'm a Raver' from The Stamping Chef - Now as I wanted to concentrate on skin I have once again masked the image on my computer to just give me her head - It also meant I could make the images slightly bigger to show you :) 

So lets begin….. 

I start by laying down E000 over the entire area of the skin

Taking E00 I then come in from the outside ages - being sure not to cover the complete face, just leaving enough for a highlight…. 

You can see that I have taken the E00 over the eyelids and over most of one side of her face - this is where I think the shadow would be. 
*TIP* remember you can always add more colour later but you can't take it away so start by covering a smaller area than you want the shadow in the first place*

Taking E02 I then draw this in from the outside edge too - but once again no quite as much

You can see I have also drawn a 'flick' up to look like her nose - I know this looks very drastic on the colour side of things… it all blends :)

Taking back your E00 go back over the area as before making sure you cover all the area where you put E02

Its at this point you will see if you want the shadow to be more, remember don't add too much at once and these pens can deceive you - if your worried allow the ink a bit of time to dry - it helps! 

Going back to your E000 colorer the entire skin area as before, 

You may want to cover it with E000 and leave it a few moments to see what it looks like - you can add more in but be sure not to over saturate the paper :) And hey presto - there she is!! All coloured up! Well I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial today and I hope to be back soon with more :) 

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