Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Evening! well as promised I'm here this week to join in with my first WOYWW post :) 

Its going to be very short and sweet and you will see why……

There are a number of reasons I need to keep it short - and if I'm honest - I have no idea what I'm meant to be doing….. *Note to self - must make sure you know what your doing before you start!!!*

(1) My dinner will be here any moment now (yes I'm hungry!) 

(2) My desk looks like a bomb has hit it, you can hardly see any work space… and yes its kinda a pet hate!! I nearly photoed the floor too -  although you can't see the actual carpet for boxes and flowers and the bits of double sided tape you pull off - obviously ended with a messy session last night! 

(3) I have new stash…. not much just needed a break today to went to a craft shop and looked before i brought!! - I treated myself to two MME paper pads that were reduced to less than £4 each, some more silicone and a pack from craftwork cards its all pretty and butterflies!!! 

(4) I have some new digs to work with, there in the middle…. yes I purchased some (more) SC's and I have LOADS of DT work to catch up with! so I'm going to link up to WOYWW and will hopefully stop by at some of your fab areas later :) 



The-Butterfly said...

Welcome to WOYWW! great job Trina - loving all the crafty mess on your desk! always nice to do a bit of retail therapy eh?


Roberta B said...

Hello, and you think your desk looks like a bomb went off you should have seen my whole room last week and its still simi bad. and bombs that's what it sounded like here last night :-( .Thanks for sharing and Bright blessings to you and yours. Roberta #55

Avril Ann said...

All looks very interesting Trina, LOL...wait to see finished products, I too went crafty shopping, but just for essentials, like glue and card blanks, but a Crafty Individuals paper pad just fell into my basket, LOL....Avril #91

April Story said...

Looks like lots of creative things are happening. I like your new digis. April #120

Cazzy said...

Happy WOYWW and Welcome Trina!

Your desk looks interesting, love Little Boo!

I hope you enjoyed your dinner, and that you get to play with the new stash and catch up with your DT work!

Cazzy x #103

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Welcome to WOYWW. Not sure what SCs are, but other than that, you did a fantastic job for a first timer. Glad you could join in. Happy WOYWW from #1.

ike said...

Hello and nice to meet you on WOYWW :-) Great selection of pens I spied in the corner there !!! :-D Hope you enjoyed your dinner :-)

IKE in Greece #99

Julia Dunnit said...

Welcome to WOYWW! I find it reassuring and better that others don't know what they're doing, it's a permanent state for me! I'm very keen to know how you work it to get your dinner delivered to you...if there's a trick, please share!
Like the look of your desk, despite being busy, it's very calm!

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