Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Welcome to my Craft Room!

**Picture Heavy Post**

OK so this post has been a LONG time coming…. the craft room officially 'opened' back in Janurary, the 14th to be precise - I only know that as it was my mums Birthday!! I have ALWAYS wanted to join in with the WOYWW posts and share my room - but since having my own little paradise I have always distracted myself - too much to do - and so today…. well today I'm going to do my best to share with you my little world! 

So yes I have the most AMAZING sized desk in the world!  Its an office desk and was a steal off e-bay at £20 (and the nice man put it together for me!)  I have to say looking back at this the room looks HUGE and empty! - but crafting isn't about emptiness!!!

As the day went on (January 14th) more and more and more went in…. yes it seemed never ending - I mean Im sure I don't have this much stash - yes and there was more…. and more!

A certain little cat ensured her presence on the happenings!  even if it did mean knocking stuff off my window ledge! - Yes you may know how much I LOVE Orchids too - I have 3 in the room now!! 

And so on 'opening day' who better to take the seat than Miss N - Yes she decided to try to 'help' - I think it was more try to see what stash mummy has that I can play with - but she is just so adorable when in the mood!! 

Now you can't have a craft room without lots of storage - now I'm kind of limited in my room and so after a trip to B&Q I have some 'custom size' shelves on the wall - they are about 1m wide.  The top shelves are deeper than the bottom ones and I now have another shelf on the bottom! Well done to Mr B for putting them up without too many cracks in the plaster! 

Then the shelves got filled…. and once again more 'neglected' stash was found! 

The shelves look pretty tidy there - they are nothing like that now! its move 10 things to get to what you want!  Anyway I needed more storage - and so a trip to Ikea was in order, and I purchased some of the *kitchen bars* that I have seen many people talk about!  BUT it meant that I had to clear the desk for Mr B to put them up! ohhh and get him a drink while he was working :)

And so here is my desk in a *clean* state - yes that clean and tidy….. 

well in comparison to now!!! 

So I suppose I hope today marks a point at when I will start to join in with WOYWW - Here is my desk today…. yes and that mess was creating one card…. I think I may have issues or maybe obsessions!! I have found that I have become used to my space in there - I shut myself off from everything other then creativity!!

And yes since January I think everything has been moved at least once!! I now have some hooks from Ikea that I hang my dies on - I can never see the floor for more than five seconds when I'm in there on my own! Its my own little paradise and I LOVE it! So as of next week I *hope* to do my first WOYWW post as this week I have just jabbered loads! 

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon 



Annette said...

Looks like heaven to me too! Lovely craft space.

Avril Ann said...

Oh Trina I am coming to play, what a fabulous Craft Room, always saying to my hubby, that our Bed is taking up too much space in my craftroom, LOL..thank you for sharing your WOYWW, and thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, so glad you took the plunge and joined in, was my 1st time too....Avril (105) xxxx

Sandy said...

Neat play room!!

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