Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The 'Amazing' Book!

Morning all - what another beautiful day it is here today - yesterday the weather got so hot I couldnt open my pens! Now thats bad!!! Well I have finally got around to looking at the other book from MIC and WOW oh WOW! What I have learnt! 

OK but I have to start with a little news.. Zoe was offering the set of 6 new digis to three lucky winners if you shared what you learnt by using the book... and I was one that won! 

I have them printed and cant wait to start but I will share this post first!!! ohh and I will share them - if you like them you should pop over to the MIC store and grab them!!!  

OK so back to the 'book' I have never been brave enough to try using one colour and grey... I have heard about it but didn't know where to start.. but I tried and although I'm not over impressed with the results it is something I will try again because it is practice!  But this book has helped me so much with blending more than one colour, I was so impressed with the results and have been putting it into practice - and I cant wait to practice more!!! 

Now I have put the two side by side - to the left is the blending more than one colour and the right is the once colour with greys . 

 I know the photo is not the greatest as I have been colouring at night I appear to be taking my photos under the worse light ever!!!  and yes I said I needed lots more work with the one colour and greys.  But I thought i would and should share anyway!

Well I hope I may have inspired you to buy the Shading Book if you haven't already and remember you can buy both and get a discount!!!

Hope to see you soon 



debbi taylor said...

these are lovely
the colouring is beautiful
Debbi x

Alyce said...

Gorgeous work Trina!! They look lovely :) I especially love her blue dress :)

Linda said...

These are lovely Trina! I too am learning from the book and thank you so much for telling me about this. I think it will be sneaked into my case so I can practice on holiday lol :)

Linda xxx

Shelby said...

Coloring looks great!


Trina said...


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