Friday, 17 August 2012

Something you may find interesting!

Morning all, well after a grey morning this afternoon is turning out rather beautiful, still got so much to do... we need to get hubby a suit for tomorrow and all sorts! But I have 'spent' my time somewhat wisely I think this morning. 

After browsing facbook yesterday I came across an interesting picture from Make it Crafty.  
So as you can guess I had to go and investigate as I would love to improve my technique(s)! 

So after a few questions - and no using my common sense I came across the booklets over at the MIC store - I just had to have them! I printed the 'Colouring Techniques' off strait away and couldn't wait to get started.  I purposely printed the booklet off on 'normal paper' so I made myself read what was written first! and then went back and printed out the pages to colour on... this is what I created! 

The photo was taken while it was very overcast this morning! But I have learnt so much - different ways of holding the pens, and I even went 'outside the box' on colours as - Well I wasn't scared! After I finished these I suddenly remembered there was another technique I wanted to try.  I have seen loads of people doing it and never had the 'oomph' to try as I never quite got where to start... but i'm so glad I tried! 

OK so I haven't started on the 2nd booklet yet, I want to try a bit harder with the first before challenging myself to take too much into my lil brain at once! 

Well I hope you will pop over to the MIC store and take a look at the books - they are AMAZING and well worth the money! I think anyone could learn a tip or two from it! 

Hope to see you again soon! 




Zoe said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Katrina! I'm just so happy you are having a lot of fun trying the techniques! Big Squeezes! xo

Linda said...

Thank you Katrina for letting us know. I am going over there now to check this out.

Linda xxx

Linda said...

Hi Katrina had to come back and let you know that I am in the process of printing this off and thank you so much for the information.You are a STAR!!!!!

Big Hugs
Linda xxx

Charlene Mitchell said...

Saw your post on Digi Galore, found your link and have just purchased! Looking forward to taking a peek! Thanks so much for sharing!

Nicola said...

I saw this too Katrina and now you´ve really tempted me. Off to the store to buy if it´s still available. -x-

Corinne said...

Katrina, these are wonderful... Can't wait to see what you do with the second book!

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