Thursday, 16 August 2012

Butterfly, Flutterby, Today is your Day

WARING - This post is not craft related at all!!! 

Ok so a while back some of you may remember me saying that I purchased Amelia some butterflies from a company called Insect Lore, They were originally for her birthday but due to holidays ect we had to delay them for 'A Summer Holiday Treat' plus a very good 1st school report present!.  

So at the end of July we had a delivery of 10 tiny laver... they were diddy but grew so quickly, two weeks (give or take) they started the big transformation into chrysalises, just over a week later (last Saturday) we came down to breakfast to a beautiful butterfly! 

They all seemed to 'hatch' while weren't looking - rather unfortunate! but we have had the joys of the beautiful creatures in our house for the last two days - all slowly hatching and allowing us to get up close! So today was the day that we have let them fly free - we have hatched all 10 but only 8 have been able to fly away due to the other 2 having poorly wings - so we are having to nurse them. 

This little one can fly... but only in a downwards spiral! So he is staying with us - I don't think he would have much chance in the wild 

This was Amelia trying to ask him to fly properly! so thoughtful is my little big girl! 

Well I hope I haven't bored you too much - just thought it would be nice to share! 

See you soon! 


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