Friday, 11 May 2012

Thank You Bridesmaid

Afternoon! Well this is one of thos un-planned posting sessions, right now I cant sit in my lounge at the computer as my longe is a tip! But its all for a good cause, the holes for the spotlights are being drilled and everything is covered in dust sheets! I cant believe how the ball is rolling on it all again at the moment, I dont think it will be too long before we get to move the girls back to their room and get our room done too!

What a beautiful day this has turned out to be, I know the weather report said it was going to be a nice day but I didnt believe them.  So im sat in the conservertory watching Mark cut the grass, he has just told me that I can do some gardening if I want.. mmm no I think just enjoying the heat is enough for me today!

Any way I was hopeful to share the wedding invitations I did last week with you but I havent got a couple of bits that I need before posting and so I thought I would share something else.  This is one of the cards I have made for the bride to give one of her bridesmaids. 

I  admit that I was a bit stumped with this one, but it all fell into place, I spent alot of time on the internet looking at other ideas and sentiments and if im honest nothing was too inspiring.  I ended up going to the craft shop and this dress just jumpped out at me.  It was perfect, I didnt want to make the cards too but but the embelishment is 6'' high so the card had to be 8x8.

So yes I do feel like I cheeted a bit, I would have like to have made them my-self, but I didnt know where to start.  I am going to try again in the future though, especially as if I can make them I could do them  a bit smaller, and in other colours.

I had to add a florish just to finish this off, as the theme for the wedding is black and pink I felt these were perfect.  I used my Bazzill Jewel template and all the pink rhinestones from my stash.  I do have another one to make and I am waiting on the rhinestones now, hope the postman brings them!

Well I hope you like my card! if you have time I would love to hear what you think! Thanks fro stopping by, hope to see you again soon!


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Sandy said...

Your creation is so very creative and elegant! Wonderful!!!

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