Monday, 21 May 2012

Share on Sunday

Morning, well I'm kinda cheating as I forgot to post this one last week!!!

 Anyway I'm here with another SOS

I will confess that I haven't been on pintrest at all this week and so i wanted to share a little board I started when I started with Pintrest.... 

Just Me.... 

Butterfly chandelier

Butterflies and Orchids, two things that I love, I currently have about 8 Orchids dotted around my house, they are not very happy at the moment, since the move! but I'm trying my hardest to make them happy, I hope they pull though, one of them is 6 years old, I never in a million years thought it would last 6 months let alone 6 yeas, next time it flowers I will share her with you! 

I hope you will pop over and see my Just Me Pins

Well I can't wait to hop about and see who else is Sharing On Sunday! 

Hope to see you soon! 


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