Friday, 23 September 2011


Morning all, well since my post a couple of days ago I have done NO more cards! AHHHH! I should so be getting my head down but its just been non stop with it all - viewings on the house ect, want to get out of here before Christmas, I suppose i'm trying to delay christmas in my mind, its horrible really! I should be looking forward to it, I know Amelia cant wait - she keeps going through the cataloguse 'can i have one of them' oh and one of them please!?? 

I have been browsing the net today looking for inspiration to get on with things and so i have decided to share a few pictures with you! I hope they may help some of you! Not sure if they have me, if any of you can point me in the right direction for 'the bug' let me know! 

I love snowy scenes, and I love the packages in the postbox! I think the sky is amazing on this one too! 

I love the colours and how 3D it all looks!

Reindeer... I hear the sleighbells

I love how modern this one is, and the colours!

I so have to try a car like this! Love how simple it looks! 

Well I hope some of you may be inspired! 

See you all soon 



Sadie204 said...

I love that bottom card, looks fab! Might have to 'borrow' that lol!

Sadie xx

Lisa M said...

Fantastic wreath... :D

09 10