Monday, 27 December 2010

Church flowers 23/12/2010

Hey everyone, well i'm sat here trying to get my printer to connect with the laptop and having very little luck, i will take the mac any day over a pc! so i thought a post would be a good way to pass the time.

Back in October, we had our youngest daughter Nancy May
christened at the local church. One of her godparents asked if we could do some flowers for the church for the day to make it feel a bit more special (While at school we needed to do work experience, i did mine in a l
ocal florist shop, throughly enjoyed my self! i did at one point think that was the career path for me, but the butterfly within me won again! ), so we spent a cold afternoon there! The church was covered in flowers by t
he time we left. It was lovely as over the weekend i heard various comments on what my friend and i had produced, it was such fun, being crea
tive but not with paper!!!

A few weeks later my friend asked if i would be interested in helping with the Christmas flowers, I could think of nothing better than getting my hands on flowers again, and just being free to do what i wanted!

On the 23rd December, I was very honoured to be able to do the alter flowers! and here they are!

I couldn't believe it when i walked in and they gave me a choice of various areas to do, my friend said well i think Trina would like to do the alter flowers! I was very scared but at the same time I was so happy!

I used part of a christmas tree as the back of the flowers, as no one sees behind them there is no point in putting anything other than foliage there, i used some mistletoe, leatherleaf and ivy for foliage, as well as some other greenary that was there! yellow spider chrysanthemum, white and yellow double chrysanthemum white freesias, yellow roses, white and yellow carnation
s and some gyp to fill in the gaps!

It was a lovely afternoon, here is one last picture, its a close up of the roses we used! they looked so stunning in the arrangements....

Well night night all

sweet dreams!

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Dana said...

Hi Trina!! Great job on the altar flowers!! Isn't flower arranging fun? I found your blog through the event at Feline Playful and have become a follower : )
Happy crafting in 2011!

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