Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas is over.... but 2011 is nearly here!

hey all, well i'm only here as the family are ill and have been in bed for about 3 hours! so i'm very bored! We have had a busy christmas, spent Christmas day with my parents, sister and her partner and my grandma. What a lovely day it was, we had a drink at the pub, went home and stuffed ourselves, had lots of presents (my little girls were spoilt rotten).

Today I had a lay in and we went to my husbands aunts and spent the day with his family, unfortunately Amelia didn't want to play with her cousin and decided to sleep (this is my little girl who hates going to bed, she asked to leave the table and go to sleep!). But never the less it has been a brilliant christmas!

We have nothing planned for the new year, as we have the two kids we cant go out, we have sent 3 new years at different places and this year i think we will be spending the night in, but i may have a few people over, not sure what i want to do yet! may go to bed early and wake up when its 2011!

if you saw my post a week or so ago you know that i have new years crafting resolutions! after looking at lou's blog (she is the other new member on the PTD design team!) she has given me an idea....

she has said that in the new year she is posting one a week with her christmas crunch sunday, this will feature one or more christmas cards for her stash for next christmas! As you can imagine this gave me the idea to do something similar!

I have said that I will make 5 christmas cards a month, so i will post on the 1st of each month as of february christmas cards I have made, each post will be titled....

christmas card countdown!

then every time i post it will have the countdown as to haw any have have done and how many to go! for example February should be 5/55 and March 10/55, and so on! that will give me 55 cards for next christmas, so occasionally there may be more than 5 but to me, 5 is the magic number! I cant wait to post on the 1st of February for the start of this, so i will see you there hopefully!

Well that is me over and out for today, may be back tomorrow, will have to see how the family are as to what we get up to!

night night!!!



LouDotMac said...

Can't wait to see your designs and get started on publishing my own. It will be fun! :)


Dawn said...

Great Idea Trina! Hope you manage to find the time! Good luck with the DT stuff I hope you have a ball!
Hope the family are all on the mend soon!
Dawn xxx

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