Thursday, 15 September 2016

A few days in review....

Hello again,

I thought this evening I would do a little review of the last few days... just trying to get myself used to remembering my blog again!!!! Its most likely not going to mean much, but its been a busy week between kids and working at the pub and running my own business(es), but me being me can never take a step back, I just seem to get by and add more strings to my bow!!!

This week has been different, the beginning of the week felt rather slow....

Monday was a bit boring, it was all admin and organising - those are the days that really are not my favourite!  But they are part of running my own business and so I have to be pretty strict on myself and do it!!! I work in 'chaos' as Mr B likes to call it - I like to say its 'organised chaos myself - but were each to our own - after all they say messy people are the most creative!!! 

Anyway on Tuesday Miss N was poorly and that just slowed me down, all she wanted was cuddles and for me to watch Pokemon on Netflix - and all I wanted was it to cool down!! Work was mostly vinyl for the day however I did finally get to share this beautiful book over on my Facebook Page!!

Its the biggest MMCF (Measure, Mark, Cut and Fold) book I have done at 600 pages... it too me ages to do!!! I have to say I LOVE how it finished up!  Its also been loved over on my Facebook Page and my Etsy shop too!!  

Wednesday was a LONG day, thanks to Miss A, I spent the day running on around 4.5 hours sleep!
I had to be out the door before everyone else as my mums kittens were going in to be 'seen to'.... I think I was as worked up as she was!!!  

Above are Pip (on the left) and Marty (on the right) - they are rescue kittens from our local RSPCA, originally Pip was meant to live here with me, however my little smudge cat had other ideas!!! 

Anyway they are now 'done' (thats what mum keeps saying) they are very happy little boys especially after what has been done to them!!!  Wednesday evening was out Open Mic Night that we run every other week at a local pub, it was a fantastic night with lots of amazing artists!!! 

Today has been realising that I'm not cut out for running on so little sleep anymore!!  I have worked at the pub this afternoon, then school run, dance run and now I'm shattered!!!  

Im hopeful that tomorrow I shall be back with something creative! 


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