Sunday, 10 April 2016

And where have I been.....

**A bit of a BORING post - but would love you to read and say Hi if you do :) **

That is the question I have been asked this evening... where have you been?!?!

Honestly - I'm not quite sure, Looking back though my posts, my last post as a proper 'blogger' (as I thought I was) was 05/01/12015.... thats OVER a year ago!!!  then I tried to get myself back into it on 30/09/2015 with no luck as I think I didn't want to come her and bore you - I suppose I blame the distraction of being self employed (for quite a while!) but finally taking it seriously - realising that I was the ONLY person that was going to get my own business up off the ground - and that I have - and for that I am pleased, I am happy!!!

I stood back from all Design Teams and moved on, that sounds bad... as I sit and look around at all the supplies I have to make cards around me - I have so many its untrue - then there are the supplies that have evolved since my post before last, papers for paper cutting, knives, blades, quilling papers, fabric and yarn to name what I can see! 

 I never ever saw myself doing anything other than cards before January 2015, thats where I was and thats what I did, however in the time away from my blog and the design teams, kids growing and life changing I can honestly say I have learnt new techniques, things that will help me in later life... like making tutu's.... OK no not them.... but the ability to crochet - Its something I have always wanted to learn but never had the patience - I remember watching my nan in awe - wishing I could only be so cleaver - and its only thanks to my mum that I have learnt and mastered (some) the technique - I'm no pro but I'm trying! I was too interested in colouring - however breaking away and folding books, cutting paper, curling paper and notting yarn as I have as I did made me realise that I was capable of more than what I was allowing myself to do and to show you!

So I suppose this is my way of saying I'm here... I'm coming back - with paper cuts, quilling, cards, crochet and just general butterfly ness..... I do hope if you have managed to read to the end you may pop me a 'Hi' so I know some of you are still out there - I shall be back soon (tomorrow I hope) with another post - with something creative!!! 



Paper Nest Dolls said...

Missed your sweet creations, nice to have you back ❤

Paper Nest Dolls said...

Missed your sweet creations, nice to have you back ❤

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