Monday, 11 April 2016

The Butterfly in me

Good Morning! 

As promised today I'm back to show you some of what I have been doing with my time away from here!  I have learnt so many new techniques and I can't wait to share some of the with you.  

Today I have chosen to share with you my crochet - A skill I learnt late last August thanks to my mum - its something that I love sitting down at the end of a busy day and spending an hour making something!! I even take it on the school run at times! 

Its not been easy and there have been many disasters along the way - many times I have frogged it back, or once launched it across the room!! But I am slowly learning new techniques and ways to create what I have in my head.

Im still on the very basic stuff - but love that I can make something special in just a few days and those that I have given my creations too have always been pleased :) 

This one is has to be my favourite so far, the photo doesn't do this yarn justice - its skylecraft DK in sherbet - in real life it looks more blue than the picture!   Its from this pattern available from here

The finished blanket is approx 23 inches square and felt so soft and warm, I gifted it to a friend who has recently had a baby boy - the first thing she did was wrap him in in!!  

I do have it available from the website too!! ohhh yes I haven't told you!  Im moving away from all the platforms as they cost a small fortune, so we now have a  website that sells everything from our book folding patterns to finished books, as well as the paper cuts, templates and knitted and crochet items!  Would love it if you would check it out here!! 

This is the same pattern as the blanket above, but with some beautiful King Cole Comfort in Rhubarb  at first I wasn't too sure on it, but once it was finished I was head over heals for it! This one came up at about 22''x24''  

Again Photos just don't do it justice, but it is available now from the website here.

Well I think thats me done for today - Miss A and Miss N both have an inset day so were planning on getting our crafty on very very soon!! Don't forget to check out the website, we still have lots to add to it!! 

I shall be back tomorrow with more creations!!! 


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