Thursday, 1 November 2012

Trick or Treat??? lots of Pictures

Afternoon all , well I'm still recovering from yesterday - we had an amazing day - I have to say it was the the best Halloween yet! Kids loved it and although they had quite a bit of sugar they were shattered - and so was I!

Just a few photos of the day to share with you;

Ohhh I was so impressed with my table - all that I had made over the last month was on it as well as a beautiful card from Anda and I won the lovely little 'BOO' from the amazing Trudie as well as the card on the other side - at least I could pretend you were here!!! 

Amelia SO loved taking the insides out of the pumpkin!! Her face was a picture all the way through - Nancy how ever was not so keen!!! and she did a pretty good job of it too!!! although the design she chose took me over an hour to carve! 

…. My baby did apple bobbing - we were shocked - she does not like water in her face!! and she got it out - the problem was she kept putting it in and taking it out - she's only 2 1/2 so very impressed with her!

And my all time best ever Pumpkin - I know I complained a moment ago about how long it took BUT - I had people as where I brought it from - not sure if to be complimented to offended!!! 

So all in all it was a good day had by all!!! 

Anyway back to the purpose!!  This is a bit of a sad post as its the last one for the 13 Days of halloween Challenges over at Simply Challenged Challenges :(  I can't believe that I have managed to participate in all 13! At times its only been because of some special people pushing me - you know who you are!  I have struggled at times but I have SO enjoyed myself - First a BIG thank you to all the DT for their inspiration for each and every challenge and the lovely comments they have left! 

Ok so I suppose rather than waffling I should just get on with it! OK so the challenge for day 13 is 

Show us your favourite Trick (technique) or give the team a Treat 

Well I think what I'm about to share is a bit of both - firstly the cupcakes - they were not cooked by me - I can't and don't cook cakes cause well they always turn out rubbish so a BIG thank you to my friend for cooking them (they were rather scrum my that had chocolate orange chocolate on the top!) but I did decorate them with some lovely decorated sticks

I have been wanting to do these for so long, its thanks to my little die cutting diva Nancy that they were all cut - they didn't take long to make at all and the kids loved them and even took them home after the party!!! Here are the details on how I made them

(1) Print your chosen mage at 5-6 cm high (I wanted mine quite small)
(2) I used a circle punch to punch the areas of the image I wanted to use
(3) Using my Nesties pinking circles I die cut the black circles slightly larger than the punch
(4) Colour as required
(5) take the point off of a cocktail stick - add double sided tale to the back of the image
(6) Attach cocktail stick at required hight to the back of the image
(7) stick to backing circle and there you have it! 

I did on a couple of occasions add more tape over the cocktail stick for added security!!!  

So next up I have to share with you have I made for the witches, devils and monsters knocking at my door….  what a yummy looking box of chocolates one may think 

And oh yes the kids thought they were in for a right treat…. let them get close, maybe even touch a chocolate

and out jumps the beautiful Banshee Lola!!! 
I don't think some parents were too impressed with me last night…. I did have one or two walk away with a shocked look - maybe I really am a mad woman!!! 

Now I will give you a quick tutorial on how to make this 

You will need; 

Empty chocolate tin (plastic is best)
Wooden spoon 
Your Chosen Image Coloured or as you wish
Sweets - lots of them!

(1) Take your chosen tin and roughly in the centre make a hole - I did this using my scissors - Make sure the hole you make is big enough for the handle of the spoon to fit through

(2) Stick your chosen image to the wooden spoon - I use the back of the spoon as I felt it gave the image more shape - make sure you use strong tape or even glue the image to the spoon - you don't want it falling off half way through!!!

(3) Turning the tin up the right way, slot the handle of the spoon through the hole - the handle of the spoon is great to carry it by as well!!! 

(4) Now fill the tub back up with sweets to hide your image and wait for them to come calling!!! 

well I hope you like and understand my little tutorial! I know the kids loved this so much! I just wish Halloween was more than once a year! Now I would like to enter this card into the following challenge

Simply Challenged Challenges - 13 Days of Halloween - Day 13 - Trick or treat

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon 



Carrie Robinson said...

cupcakes and chocolate??? whats not to love eh??? They are sooo great honey xx

Jill Hogg said...

Trina, that sweetie tub is fab!! Shocked parents?? Miserable buggers is that not what Halloween is about?? Having a bit of fun, not just filling them full of sweets!!!!I love it and may well pinch that idea or something similar for next year! its a cracker!! Just wish it wasn't another 12 months away! xxxxx And well done for entering all 13 challenges hun! xx

Irene's Creations said...

Great job! Thanks for joining in the SCC 13 Days of Halloween!

DistinctiveLMNts said...

Great job, wish I could of seen it in person. Looks like you all had fun.

Kelly said...

This is fab. Wish I'd thought of that yesterday x

Trish a.k.a stampi said...

love your project and all your goodies your daughter is adorable..great stuff thanks for joining us at SCC :)

Anda said...

Very cute - great project and it looks like you all had a fun day! XX

Rachel said...

All I can say Trina is Wow and good luck :D

Regan said...

Both projects are adorable, Katrina! And your pumpkin carving skills rock! Looks like you all had a fabulous day!

Corinne said...

wonderful job Katrina!!

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