Monday, 12 December 2011

Looking Back and Thinking Ahead

Evening all, 

I'm sat her after a busy day and I have been thinking lots about all that has changed in the last year and what is to come in 2012 for my family and me! I was going to hold off on posting something like this till after christmas but I'm not sure what time I will have, so Im going to (probably) bore you to tears with a bit about me and the last year and what I hope is to come.  Its probably going to sound a bit jumbled.... but thats just the butterfly in me! 

Today we have been at Amelia's nativity, last year she was a snowman at the preschool and she cried all the way through on stage.  This year she has come so far, she has started 'BIG' school and has handled it very well, she is coming on leaps and bounds with letters, numbers, starting to read and her writing is amazing!  

Not only that but she has conquered the fear of the stage.  She has been in an AMAZING dance show 'the time of my life'.  She had all her hair done, costumes and full make-up on.  She was ill throughout the whole weekend (on antibiotics), I never expected her to get on stage when she was well - let alone the lack of sleep she had as well as a sore throat and lack of appetite. The loud music and the bright lights - and she asked when she could do it again!! She dances with the school that my (little) sisters used to dance at, we have been told that she is Kathryn through and through (other than the fact Amelia smiles while dancing - Kathryn always concentrated too much!)

So onto my beautiful little Nancy, well I think the only thing that is shining with her at the moment (other than the bruise from running into the table) is that she has a temper, that she is using more and more to try and get her own way! the problem is we have given in so much to her, so we have to toughen up - on the both of them! 

I think we are hitting the terrible 2's a bit earlier than we should, she is 19 months old now, I don't know where time has gone - this time two years ago we had a 3D scan of her, it just doesn't seem possible that she is growing so fast!  This year she has learned to walk, run, sit, scream and talk, words are coming together more and more every day, counting three and four are her favourite things and ready steady go! She is so AMAZING! 

Well hubby and I, well its felt like a very long year.  Soo many up's and downs with a few 'splits' in the road, but we have once again got through (nearly) another year of being married.  It will be 4 years 28th December that we were married, I don't know where the years have gone, but every moment with him is more and more amazing! We have been planning to move since about this time last year.  We put the house on the market end of June and it has sold - were nearly there with the moving now, not far to go.  I just want to know 'when?' - I like to know where I am and when, I'm not liking the indecision with life at the moment.  

So thats 2011 covered.  Im hopeful that 2012 is going to be 'THE YEAR', we should be in the new house, yes it needs a bit of work but its what we want.  Im hopeful that Amelia and Nancy will continue to bloom and blossom the way they are, they are my little angels and they mean so much to me! I also hope that all of you lovely people that follow me will continue to do so next year, I'm hopeful to 'expand' my creativity in other ways, do different things.  in 2011 I set myself a list of 'hopeful' resolutions that only one or two were fulfilled, next year I'm not putting the pressure on, what will be will be, I will get done what i get done and that is the laid back attitude I hope to keep for 2012. 

Thank you if you have taken the time to sit and read this, if I don't get time to pop back and post again (I have a few posts scheduled for the next few weeks!) before Christmas or the New Year, wishing you and yours the 

'Merriest Christmas you can find and A New Year that you will never forget!'


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Trina said...

Oh, your daughters are precious! Hope 2012 is the best year yet!

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