Monday, 31 October 2011

This is it!....

Well some of you may have noticed that I have been a bit on the quiet side the last couple of weeks, lots has been happening and there is still lots to do but.... 


Yes... that above is my little house that we have lived in for over 6 years! So happy and yet a bit sad at the same time, But the new house is only round the corner and I can't wait for the kids to have their own rooms! and to have a craft space!! 

Yes, after nearly 6 moths of showing people round my home, kicking my kids out at the last minuet, Trying to keep on-top of housework and shoving things in cupboards that don't belong, we have had a sensible offer that we have accepted - and we have had our offer accepted on the house we want! 

Amelia is soo excited, we have taken her round to see the new place and she was so happy with where her room is and the fact she will have a back garden to play in!! 

So its all good you would think... well yes its fab but the BIG BUT! Our buyer wants to be in around 10th December! So its all been happening, finding solicitors making sure all the information is correct and major headaches, So hard to try and concentrate with the kids about - especially over the half term week! 

But thats not the end of it, I have had to move 99% of my craft stuff to my Grandmas, Hubby thought it was more sensible as its lots of little bits and so yesterday was spent going through it all and moving it, not the nicest thing to be doing!!! But it will hopefully only be a few weeks without it, and I will then have a 'craft space' if it all goes to plan. 

So for now I have to take a break, I hope that I may get time to pop back now and then, but lots of packing to be done, bits to be cleaned and memories to cherish. 

I promise you all that I will keep you up-to date with it all, if I get time, and as soon as I can I will show you some photos of the new house! 

See you all soon! 


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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippeee!!! :0) brilliant news! :0)

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